Why Coaching? Why now?

Last week was International Coaching Week, celebrating the profession of Coaching.  One of my teachers, Julio Olalla, asks, “Why did we need a new “domain of learning” called coaching?”  We already had training, counselling, mentoring and teaching. Why coaching?  Why at this time in human evolution?  I notice we humans face:

Choices:  The incredible amount of choices we face each day.  I was in the supermarket lately and found that there are over 10 different kind of Oreo cookies to choose from!  Not to mention the choice in careers, spirituality, friends, lifestyles, etc.  

Technology:  We have more information available to us today than anyone can possibly absorb.   We need new ways to access our inner knowing and coaching provides a way to unearth new solutions in the space between the Coach and the Coachee.

Advancements in our understanding of Neuroscience:  What we now know about the brain is that it responds to coaching questions in a way that lays down new neural pathways.   It turns out that you canteach an old dog new tricks.  Coaching supports a Coachee’s in transformational ways because neurons that fire together in a new way, wire together, creating new possibilities.

Coaching emerged as a new kind of communications technology to assist us at this amazing time in human history.  With over 40,000 coaches in the world today, we have just scratched the surface of what’s possible now. Do you have a Coach? Does your organization?

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